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The editorial requirements


The papers may be written either in Polish or in English.

The paper should not exceed the author's sheet limit (40,000 characters including spaces)

The paper must be written in the following format: A4 with 2.5 top and bottom, left and right margins, 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman font size 12. Section headings must be applied and numbered with Roman numerals.

Please do not decorate the text by using special styles; preferably, avoid underlining and definitely, e x p a n d e d spacing; the use of italics and the bold text are allowed.

The paper should contain the following scheme:
   1. Name and affiliation
   2. title
   3. short abstract
   4. keywords (2 or 3)
   5. article
   6. the list of publication, case laws and sources of law used in article.

Please send ready article to

The referenced sources should adhere to the following style:

  Initial(s). Last name, Title, edition number if applicable, place and year of publication, followed by the page(s) referred to with the 'p. (pp.)' abbreviation, e.g.:

    J. Kowalski, Skutki czynności prawnej, Warszawa 2012,     pp. 15-16.

For subsequent reference made directly to the cited item:
Ibidem, pp. 15-16.

Further reference, when citing only one position by a given author:

J. Kowalski, Skutki…, pp. 29-20.

For edited volumes, when the publication referenced forms part of the whole:
P. Igrek, Źródła, [in:] Skutki czynności prawnej, (ed.    J. Kowalski),  Warszawa 2012, pp. 45-46.

For publications in periodicals, Initial(s). Last name, Title, the title of the periodical, followed by the year, comma, then the number (No.) within the year and page numbers:

J. Kowalski, Skutki czynności prawnej,  'Acta Iuris    Stetinensis' 2014, No. 5, p. 12.

A few special issues:

The following designation of a legal act is expected:
The name and date of the act (month
in words) shall be given in the body of the text e.g. 'The Act of 14 November 2014 on the rules of public safety' and the publishing body shall be given in the footnote (e.g. Journal of Laws of 2014, No. 98, item 123).

For court judgements, administrative decisions etc. , please use the following designations:
The name of the judgement, , date, designation and the publishing body e.g. 'Judgement of the Supreme Court of 11 May 2012, I CSK 45/09, OSN 2011, No. 8, item 34'  should be indicated in the footnote and in the main text should be indicated the name of the judgement, authority and its date  e.g. Judgement of the Supreme Court of 11 May 2011


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